The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents: It’s Your Time to Rise and Shine Paperback – November 21, 2014 by Hal Elrod

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PUB: November 21, 2014

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Author: Elrod Hal

Brand: Miracle Morning Publishing

Edition: First

Package Dimensions: 14x216x240

Number Of Pages: 184

Release Date: 21-11-2014

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All real estate agents share one thing in common: we’re all striving to get to the NEXT LEVEL of personal and professional success.

We want to take our lives, our businesses, and ourselves to the next level. What if you could get there, faster than you ever thought possible, by simply changing how you start your day?

The original Miracle Morning book took the Real Estate industry by storm, transforming the lives and businesses of tens of thousand of agents. Now, The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents will do exactly that for you by taking you on a journey into the lives of top-producing agent, Rick Masters and his wife, top-producing lender, Michelle Masters.

First introduced to you in the best-selling book, The 7 Levels of Communication, real estate professionals Rick and Michelle are now married and expecting their first child, but the demands of their industry have left them overworked, overweight, stressed out and unfulfilled. Something’s got to change. They attend a seminar and meet other agents who have transformed their lives—both personally and professionally—using a simple 30-day Challenge.

Although Michelle is optimistic, Rick is skeptical. But with nothing to lose and a lot to gain, Rick agrees to sign up. Little does he know that you really can transform any—or EVERY—area of your life, in just 30 days. You’re about to discover how!

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The Miracle Morning Book Series includes all of the titles below and doesn’t have to be read in any particular order.

Book 1:
The Miracle Morning
Book 2:
The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents
Book 3:
The Miracle Morning for Salespeople
Book 4:
The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers
Book 5:
The Miracle Morning for Writers
Book 6:
The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families
Book 7:
The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs
Book 8:
The Miracle Morning for Transforming Your Relationship
Book 9:
The Miracle Morning for College Students
Book 10:
The Miracle Morning Companion Planner
Book 11:
Miracle Morning Millionaires
From the Author
If you liked The Miracle Morning or (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication: Go from Relationships to Referrals, you’ll love The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents! As in (7L), we have the opportunity to tell a tale about Rick Masters and Michelle Phillips. Rather than merely telling you the strategies, concepts, and tactics to implement a morning ritual full of the best practices of high achievers, we can also show you, through Rick and Michelle’s challenges, choices, and achievements, how to make the ultimate morning ritual part of your daily routine. We’re excited for you to read and implement the strategies, using Rick and Michelle’s story as a guide. For those who go to work every day knowing your family relies on a commission – relies on you  to sell something – this book is for you. We wrote this for you.
About the Author
HAL ELROD is the #1 Bestselling Author of what is widely considered to be one of the most life-changing books ever written, “The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life… (Before 8AM).” After being hit head on by a drunk driver and found dead at the scene at age 20, Hal woke from a coma to the news that he would never walk again. He defied the odds and eventually ran a 52-mile ultra-marathon, is now an international Keynote Speaker, Success Coach, and host of a #1 ranked podcast on iTunes, called “Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod.”
MICHAEL J. MAHER is the #1 International Bestselling Author of “(7L) The Seven Levels of Communication: Go from Relationships to Referrals” – the #1 Real Estate Sales book on Amazon.com and the highest-rated real estate book of all time (with more than 300 Reviews). Known for a decade as North America’s Most Referred Real Estate Professional, he is the father and founder of The Generosity Generation, the Global Referral Commu

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