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Author: Gless Sharon

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Emmy Award­–winning actress Sharon Gless tells all in this laugh-out-loud, juicy, and touching memoir about her five decades in Hollywood, where she took on some of the most groundbreaking roles of her time.

Anyone who has seen Sharon Gless act in
Cagney and Lacey,
Queer as Folk,
Burn Notice, and countless other shows and movies, knows that she’s someone who gives every role her all. She holds nothing back in
Apparently There Were Complaints, a hilarious, deeply personal memoir that spills all about Gless’s five decades in Hollywood.

A fifth-generation Californian, Sharon Gless knew from a young age that she wanted to be an actress. After some rocky teenage years that included Sharon’s parents’ divorce and some minor (and not-so-minor) rebellion, Gless landed a coveted spot as an exclusive contract player for Universal Studios. In 1982, she stepped into the role of New York Police Detective Christine Cagney for the series
Cagney and Lacey, which eventually reached an audience of 30 million weekly viewers and garnered Gless with two Emmy Awards. The show made history as the first hour-long drama to feature two women in the leading roles.

Gless continued to make history long after
Cagney and Lacey was over. In 2000, she took on the role of outrageous Debbie Novotny in
Queer as Folk. Her portrayal of a devoted mother to a gay son and confidant to his gay friends touched countless hearts and changed the definition of family for millions of viewers.

Apparently There Were Complaints delves into Gless’s remarkable career and explores Gless’s complicated family, her struggles with alcoholism, and her fear of romantic commitment as well as her encounters with some of the Hollywood’s biggest names. Brutally honest and incredibly relatable, Gless puts it all out on the page in the same way she has lived—never with moderation.


“Written by a masterful storyteller, this smart account boldly reveals both the grit and the glamour of Gless’s life, candidly contending with her substance abuse, various affairs, and the fact that writing her memoir took almost seven years. Fans will be delighted.”
–Publishers Weekly

“A good Hollywood memoir is a little bit dishy, a little bit honest, and a lot like sitting down for a candid conversation with an old friend, and Gless shares all the dirty details of her unlikely journey to stardom with a wry chuckle…. Celebrity memoir fans will find lots to enjoy here, as well as anyone with fond memories of
Cagney & Lacey or
Queer as Folk. Discussions of mental health, alcoholism, and relationships, and a connected Hollywood family bring strong comparisons to Carrie Fisher’s
Wishful Drinking (2008). A perfect book to get lost in this winter.”–
Booklist, (starred review)

“Sharon is so authentically herself. Every word is completely believable, except her being “happy” that Tyne Daly won the Emmy for the first three seasons of Cagney & Lacey.”–
Tyne Daly

“Sharon finally gives me credit for saving her floundering career! —
Robert Wagner

“Sharon’s book is proof that you can take the girl out of Hollywood, but only to a private island off the coast of Miami.”–
Rosie O’Donnell

“Sharon has played so many memorable roles. And, if you’ve forgotten them, she certainly hammers it back into your head in Apparently There Were Complaints. Seriously, I found her book to be unforgettably memorable. Of course, this morning, I couldn’t find my keys.”–
Lily Tomlin

“Sharon and I have been close friends forever. Her book reminds me that I really liked her better when she was drinking.”–
Renée Taylor

“Sharon wrote a book?”–
Jane Lynch

About the Author

Sharon Gless was born into a prominent Hollywood family and always knew she wanted to be an actress. She was an exclusive contract player for Universal Studios from 1972 until 1982, when the studio ended all talent contracts. She was the last contract player in the history of Hollywood. While at Universal, Gless appeared

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