Your Head is a Houseboat: A Chaotic Guide to Mental Clarity Paperback – November 2, 2021 by Campbell Walker

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PUB : November 02, 2021

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Author: Walker Campbell

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Release Date: 02-11-2021

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“The most important and accessible mental health book in a generation. Truly life-changing.” – Osher Günsberg

Your Head is a Houseboat is a uniquely hilarious guide to what goes on in your brain, from illustration sensation Campbell Walker aka Struthless.

The only truth we really know is that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives in our own houseboat (our head) so it makes sense to make that houseboat as good as possible. The houseboat needs cleaning and maintenance, and it shouldn’t be weighed down by junk (our own thoughts and other people’s opinions). It has an unreliable and overworked Sea Captain, and a zoo of animalistic desires below the deck who are really steering. But it’s your houseboat, so it’s probably time for you to cast away and set sail (is that even how houseboats work?) on a journey to understanding it.

Your Head is a Houseboat, Cam demystifies brain functions, mental health, emotions, mindfulness and psychology – but with less complex terminology and more bizarre metaphors. It’s a book filled with illustrations, journal exercises and words that will probably hit too close to home. At its core, this is a funny, accessible approach to understanding your head and making it a nicer place to live.


“Analogies have been one of the ways I’ve made sense of the madness in this existence. This book is great balance of funny and warm, helpful and humorous.” -Adam Briggs

“Campbell Walker’s houseboat is the perfect vehicle to help you create a new relationship with the complex and often contradictory characters and places in your head. Not only do I expect you to thoroughly enjoy it, but I have no doubt the lessons you learn about human psychology and how to gain freedom from emotional struggles will be deep and lasting.” -Cassandra Dunn, Clinical Coaching Psychologist

“The most important and accessible mental health book in a generation. I’ve paid a lot of money for shrinks to explain things to me that Campbell Walker can communicate in just one picture. Combining his boundless talent for art and metaphor, Campbell unlocks complex self-help models that are truly life-changing. If your life is kinda shit and you don’t know why, read this book.” -Osher Günsberg

“A red-hot reminder that we’re not experts at ‘life’ simply because we’re alive, and that you can make your head a far more comfy place for you to exist in. Through abstract metaphors, relatable anecdotes and wildly specific cartoon characters, Your Head Is A Houseboat helps us identify our sore spots, triggers and internal hangups, with realistic steps for those who need this info the most. An honest and laid-back approach to mental wellness and personal development, showing us how to look at our minds with a welcoming curiosity and a willingness to learn – it’s the antithesis of most of the fodder in the self-help market now.” -Lillian Ahenkan, aka Flexmami

About the Author

Campbell Walker is an illustrator, animator and content creator better known as Struthless. Cam has built a combined following of over 750,000 people, and worked with clients like Comedy Central, Spotify,
Vice, Pedestrian TV,
GQ, The Betoota Advocate, Tinder, Samsung, Gatorade and Universal Music. He has a line of apparel, and a podcast with Triple J’s Bryce Mills. Before drawing, Cam worked as an advertising creative director, a tattooist and (for one very strange week) a golf-cart taxi driver at an Arizonan country music festival.

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