The Montessori Toddler Activity Book: 60 At-Home Games and Activities for Curious Toddlers Paperback – June 8, 2021 by Beth Wood

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Author: Wood Beth

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Help toddlers learn and develop with the Montessori method
Some of children’s most important social and emotional developments happen during their toddler years. Encourage learning and inspire discovery at home with this toddler activity book based on the Montessori method, a child-centered and scientifically based approach to engaging kids in their own development. From moving to music to creating a suncatcher and playing card games, this wide range of fun activities for toddlers will foster independence and build confidence.
Discover a toddler activity book that includes:

Purposeful exercises―Each activity focuses on a specific developmental skill and provides clear instructions on how to carry out the activities in the Montessori way.
Key learning areas―Exercises are organized into five learning areas based on Montessori principles: motor skills, art, daily or practical life, sensory stimulation, and language.
Tips and modifications―Find pointers for using everyday household items to prepare the exercises in this toddler activity book, and learn how to increase or decrease an activity’s level of difficulty.

Support and encourage children’s natural development with The Montessori Toddler Activity Book.
“Although ‘Montessori-compatible,’ this book is for ALL parents, grandparents, caregivers, and anyone spending time with toddlers. Written in two parts, the activity book beautifully supports both the child’s development and the adult navigating the toddler years. The activities are truly easy-to-follow, and its gentle approach and helpful guidance is, too!” ―Julie Mitaro, Montessori-certified teacher, parent, and toddler grandparent
“I’m a mother of two boys―a preschooler and elementary schooler―and I SO wish I had this book when my boys were younger! I’m a Montessori-trained teacher myself and can vouch that this book is the real deal. I love how it explains about raising a child the Montessori way, as well as how to prepare an activity following Montessori philosophy. The lessons are laid out simply, yet beautifully, and give materials and approximate time needed for each lesson. The lessons are broken down in a way that any parent can understand. If you have a toddler in your life, I highly recommend this book!” ―Kari, Stella Nova Montessori, educational consultant
“Beth provides practical and meaningful developmental activities for toddlers focusing on motor skills, art, daily/practical life, sensory stimulation, and language. Being Montessori certified, I’m privileged to know how to present an activity the Montessori way to my child. But for a non-Montessori parent, the how-tos of presenting an activity is typically not very clear. I love how the author outlines the steps to present each activity to the child in the Montessori way, making it accessible to non-Montessori parents/caregivers. And these activities don’t require any complex setups. They are doable with less materials, which are pretty much available in our homes. Highly recommend to parents of toddlers who’re looking for resources to incorporate Montessori activities in their homes.” ―Monisha Monikantarajan, Montessori practitioner, Tamil Montessori
About the Author
BETH WOOD is a 0-3- and 3-6-year-old accredited Montessori teacher and a 6-12-year-old accredited Montessori assistant. She’s the owner of Our Montessori Life, an educational consulting agency that helps schools, families, and communities implement the peaceful, respectful, and child-led principles of the Montessori method into their days.

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