Shot of Tequila: A Jack Daniels Thriller (Jack Daniels and Associates Mysteries) Paperback – October 16, 2010 by J.A. Konrath

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PUB:October 16, 2010


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Author: Konrath J.A.

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Release Date: 16-10-2010

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Several million bucks, stolen from the mob…

A PERFECT FRAMEAll caught on video, with no chance of redemption…
A RED HOT RECIPE FOR RAMPAGING REVENGENow one man must face the entire Chicago Outfit, a group of hardened Mafia enforcers, a psychotic bookie, the most dangerous hitman on earth, and Detective Jacqueline Daniels…
His name is Tequila. And he likes those odds.
SHOT OF TEQUILA by JA KonrathRevenge served straight up…
If you are a more sensitive (or adventurous) reader, this handy scale rates specific categories from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) to give you some idea if this is your kind of book.
SHOT OF TEQUILA by JA KonrathBad Language – 8Scary – 2Violent – 8Funny – 4Sexy – 2Crossovers – Contains characters in the Jack Daniels Thriller series

What They’re Saying About Joe Konrath’s Writing

“Excellent smart-mouth thrills… my advice: Take a long sip.” – Lee Child, author of Blue Moon

“Constant thrills and chills.” – Heather Graham, author of The Seekers

“Snappy dialogue. Powerful action. A fabulous character to spend time with.” – David Morrell, author of First Blood

“If the Grim Reaper has a sense of humor, he reads JA Konrath.” – William Kent Krueger, author of This Tender Land

“It’s funny and scary, just like real life.” – James O. Born, author of Shock Wave

“Laugh-out-loud funny… even when read sober.” – PJ Parrish, author of The Killing Song

“I haven’t actually read this book.” – Dave Barry, author of Tricky Business

“Fast-paced…(a) cross between Carl Hiaasen and Thomas Harris.” – Publishers Weekly

“Engaging… full of humor… fans of Janet Evanovich will like this.” – Library Journal

“Pithy banter… it’s like a Monty Python rendition of a crime novel.” – The Courier

“Put me down for another round of Lieutenant Jack Daniels.” – Andrew Vachss, author of Another Life

“A literary cocktail that’ll knock you off your chair.” – Ridley Pearson, author of White Bone

From the Author

For the completists, or those with a bit of obsessive/compulsiveness, or the folks that just like my stuff and want to know how it all connects, I have a lot of recurring characters and intertwined series. If you need to know the best reading order, or how to make sure you haven’t missed anything, check out the bibliography page on my website. You can also visit there to see when a new title will be released.

If you’re just looking for a quick checklist, here are my main series.


#1-Whiskey Sour

#2-Bloody Mary

#3-Rusty Nail

#4-Dirty Martini

#5-Fuzzy Navel

#6-Cherry Bomb


#8-Stirred (with Blake Crouch)

#9-Rum Runner

#10-Last Call

#11-White Russian

#12-Shot Girl


#14-Old Fashioned

Bonus #2.5-Lady 52 (with Jude Hardin)


#1-Dead On My Feet

#2-Jack Daniels Stories Vol. 1

#3-Shot Of Tequila

#4-Jack Daniels Stories Vol. 2

#5-Dying Breath

#6-Serial Killers Uncut (with Blake Crouch)

#7-Jack Daniels Stories Vol. 3

#8-Everybody Dies

#9-Jack Daniels Stories Vol. 4

#10-Banana Hammock


#1-The List





#6-Haunted House



#9-What Happened To Lori

#10-The Nine

#11-Close Your Eyes

#12-Second Coming

#13-Usher House

Bonus #4.5-Holes in the Ground (with Iain Rob Wright)

Bonus #5.5-Draculas (with Blake Crouch, Jeff Strand, F. Paul Wilson)

Bonus #6.5-Grandma? (with Talon Konrath)
Bonus #9.5-Wulfs? (with Talon Konrath)

CODENAME: CHANDLER (with Ann Voss Peterson)







#7-Fix (with F. Paul Wilson)




#2-Timecaster Supersymmetry

#3-Timecaster Steampunk


STOP A MURDER Solve-It Series
#1-How: Puzzles 1-12
#2-Where: Puzzles 13-24
#3-Why: Puzzles 25-36
#4-Who: Puzzles 37-48

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