Power of Prayer Paperback – January 1, 1990 by E. G. White

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Author: White E. G.

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Release Date: 01-01-1990

Details: About the Author Ellen Gould (Harmon) White, co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, writer, lecturer, and counselor, and one upon whom Seventh-day Adventists believe the gift of prophecy was bestowed, was born in Gorham, Maine, November 26, 1827, one of eight children of Robert and Eunice Harmon. During her seventy years of active service to the church, she found time to write voluminously. She is credited with having written 100,000 manuscript pages. This remarkable legacy to the church could alone have occupied Ellen White’s entire life, had she dedicated her time to little else but writing. However, her service for the church embraces much more than writing. Her diaries tell of her public work, her travels, her personal labor, hostessing, contacts with neighbors, as well as of her being a mother and housewife. God blessed her abundantly in these activities. Her ambitions and concerns, her satisfactions and joys, her sorrows–her whole life–were for the advancement of the cause she loved. Ellen G White is reputed to be the most translated woman author and the most translated author in American history. After a full life dedicated to the service of God and others, she died on July 16, 1915, confidently trusting in Him whom she believed. Product Description What is more important in this life than prayer? Prayer is our connection with God–our strength, our bridge to heaven! It is when “men begin to call upon the name of the Lord” that they find Him. We are told that He “hearest prayer.” What a promise the is! As we prey, the Holy Spirit Himself unites in our petition s and “maketh intercession for us.” We are not along in the battle of life; all heaven is on our side! Each of these 80 sections (containing one to three pages each) are compiled from Ellen G. White’s writings. Her quotes bring together in one book all that she had to say on prayer. Topics include: “The Privilege of Prayer,” “The Early and Latter Rain,” ” Goals for Prayer,” and “Prayer Defeats Satan.”

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