Hacking Chemo: Using Ketogenic Diet, Therapeutic Fasting and a Kickass Attitude to Power through Cancer Treatment Paperback – November 19, 2020 by Martha Tettenborn


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PUB: November 19, 2020

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Author: Tettenborn Martha

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Release Date: 19-11-2020

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Your cancer is hungry all the time. Stop feeding it and start feeding yourself.Cancer thrives on sugar. Cancer cells need it, unable to grow and multiply without a steady supply of glucose. But when you’re diagnosed with cancer, recommendations from oncology doctors often result in increased blood sugar and insulin levels—the essential foods that cancer cells need to thrive.

Hacking Chemo, Registered Dietitian and cancer survivor Martha Tettenborn uncovers the secrets of cancer metabolism, offering a refreshing new way of treating the disease with minimal side effects and maximum effectiveness. Cancer treatments like chemo don’t have to derail your life. You can be your own bio-hacker by decoding how cancer works in your body…and your life.

In this book, you’ll discover:

A low-carb ketogenic diet plan to stress cancer cells and prevent new cancer growth while providing optimal nutrition to your body.
The Chemo Cycle Fasting Protocol to put your healthy cells into stealth mode and minimize chemo side effects.
Helpful tips to ease “low-carb flu” as you shift from a Standard American Diet into ketosis.
How to heal your mind, recover your spirit, and avoid “You Poor Dear” Syndrome with your Circle of Care.
Sixteen simple-to-make, delicious keto-friendly recipes to get you through chemotherapy—and beyond!
Change how you fuel your body, add in a kickass “take control” attitude, and you’ll have nontoxic but tough tools to power your way back to health. Don’t feed cancer—hack it!
“Martha Tettenborn’s book stands out as a must-read for anyone about to embark on the journey none of us opt to take: the cancer journey. Clear-headed. Practical. Factual. Spiritual. Martha has woven those attributes into an incredibly engaging account of the steps she took to secure a more active role in her treatment and subsequent healing.”
Miriam Kalamian, EdM, MS, CNS, author of Keto for Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Practitioners

“In this book, Martha Tettenborn has created a scientifically sound call to re-evaluate how we view and look at cancer and associated therapies. A cancer survivor herself, she explains the importance of nutrition in the treatment and prevention of most cancers. This is an important and timely book.”
Megan Ramos, Clinical Researcher, New York Times Bestselling Author of Life in the Fasting Lane

About the Author
Martha Tettenborn RD is a Registered Dietitian and certified Primal Health Coach with over 30 years of experience working in various areas of nutrition. Her private health coach practice, The Cancer Doula, promotes a low-carb, whole-foods-based approach to disease prevention and cancer symptom management. She has been a featured speaker at the Low Carb Long Weekend Summit and on numerous podcasts. Martha also instructs courses for the Nutrition Network and Udemy on the ketogenic approach to cancer treatment. Learn more at marthatettenborn.com.

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