Beyond Done With The Crying: More Answers and Advice for Parents of Estranged Adult Children Paperback – November 23, 2021 by Sheri McGregor

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Author: McGregor Sheri

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Release Date: 23-11-2021

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Beyond Done With the Crying: More Answers and Advice for Parents of Estranged Adult Children contains new information and tools to help parents steer the whole family forward.

Listen as siblings reveal their turmoil.
Learn how cultural and familial patterns can influence estrangement or reconciliation.
Hear from parents what reconciling really takes.

Then make sound decisions . . . and heal.
This follow-up to Sheri McGregor’s highly regarded Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children (2016) draws from her survey of more than 50,000 parents of estranged adult children, as well as her personal experiences and hundreds of interviews with hurting families. She debunks the faulty thinking and advice of this blame-the-parent era, and provides sensible alternatives that support your well-being. McGregor’s reflection points and innovative exercises promote growth and help you connect with your personal integrity and strength.
Embrace your unique brand of resilience. Step into a freer, happier future.
Ten thorough chapters contain relevant research, reflection questions, exercises, and common-sense advice about the gritty, complex issues parents of estranged adult children face. Expand your self-awareness, strengthen your resilience, and take positive action for your life, your family, and your happiness. Gain wisdom from other parents and grandparents, as well as from the grandchildren and siblings.
All parents make mistakes. Some have deep regrets for things they did or didn’t do. In one chapter, these parents share how they believe they fell short and how they’re managing. How long must a parent bow to guilt, pay penance, and make amends? And, deplorably, do some adult children exploit their guilt? These and other questions are answered.
For any parent of estranged adult children, reconciling may be a solo sport. Even when reconciliations do occur, their success requires wisdom and strength. That’s why it’s so important to empower yourself, make positive changes, and reclaim your life, even while waiting and continuing to reach out (if you choose to).
Beyond Done With The Crying: More Answers and Advice for Parents of Estranged Adult Children is filled with information and solutions to the complex, real-life problems that plague parents of estranged adult children and their families.
Estrangement leaves a confusing and frustrating legacy for the entire family. McGregor knows firsthand the grit, courage, and determination it takes to reclaim identity, remain a supportive parent to other children, and help the family move forward. In Beyond Done With the Crying, she helps you do the same.
“Sheri McGregor has written an incredibly powerful, helpful book for those
who have experienced parent-child estrangement. Through real-life stories
and her own insight and expertise, she offers tips, tools, and resources to help
parents navigate through difficult emotions. The book includes many self-help
exercises that guide the reader toward better health, healing, forgiveness, and
acceptance. Beyond Done helps parents change their thinking and their actions
so they can move forward in their lives with self-compassion to find meaning,
fulfillment, and yes, even joy. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has
experienced, or has an interest in, parent-child estrangement.”
-Janet Singer, author of Overcoming OCD: A Journey to Recovery

“Sheri McGregor has conducted hundreds of interviews and done extensive
research on the subject of estrangement. From the data she collected and
from her personal experience, she explores the many challenges of estrangement.
This book is an important contribution to understanding and navigating
this surprisingly common family tragedy. Beyond Done offers invaluable
support and guidance for those seeking a new life of purpose, self-respect,
love, and peace.”
-Nancy Lee Klune, author of Banished, a Grandmother Alone

“A must-read for

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