Thoughts from Grandpa: Volume 1 Paperback – January 8, 2021 by David Bailey

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PUB: January 08, 2021

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I started to write poems for my grandchildren which would be amusing for them to hear, whilst at the same time explain some of the typical things that happen in life as they grew up. My three girls have always been an inspiration to me and to see them grow into responsible, well-balanced individuals with positive outlooks and a strong self-belief is truly rewarding.
The aim of this book was to create a framework for children to visualise the ‘topic’, have fun hearing or reading it, but at the same time be able to understand the moral and environmental stories that they tell. The books will not only entertain children but will become benchmark messages for how they should behave and react to situations. Written in simple language but introducing slightly more complicated words every now and then, the book will help children understand and extend their vocabulary and verbal understanding.
Children think in pictures long before they can read, and these books keep the pictures alive in their heads whilst their learning and development takes place.
My original thinking was to create sixty-second animated films for each topic, which could be shown as ‘interludes’ on children’s TV and as behavioural poems that children could learn from a very early age at nursery and primary schools, where the shaping of behaviour is most influential and most important.
Learning how to behave and understanding the things in life can be fun. I hope you think the same!

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