The Weight Of My Dream: Thoughts on Rebuilding a Prosperous Haiti PAPERBACK 2021 BY Ralf S Rho

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PUB: January 26, 2021

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An optimistic five-part blueprint to rebuild Haiti

In a captivating account, Ralf S. Rho, a son of Haiti, shares his vision of a prosperous future for his beloved country. Inspired by his parents’ examples of community-building, he has embarked on a mission of service to the motherland, which is filled with endless possibilities and opportunities that are achievable through this five-part blueprint:

  • Leadership
  • Empowerment
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Justice

Rho takes the readers on an enthralling journey of his personal experience, which culminated in a vision too critical to contain. He views it as a moral obligation for this current generation to work together towards Haiti’s renewal-a functioning government able to exercise strength and integrity beyond the security apparatus, favoring justice and socioeconomic development.

Drawing from his years serving as an advisor to the President of Haiti, Rho introspectively affirms that the past mistakes, natural disasters, political violence, foreign oppression, and corruption that have become the drivers of Haiti’s history do not have to remain the impediment to the country’s growth.

The Weight of My Dream is a powerful call to action and a source of inspiration. It delivers the fundamental tenets to lead future generations of Haitians to follow Rho’s dream of boundless realities-a country dedicated to the mighty proposition that united, we are stronger.

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