The Swallows’ Flight Hardcover – October 19, 2021 by Hilary McKay

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Author: McKay Hilary

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Release Date: 19-10-2021

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“A triumph.” —Philip Pullman, bestselling author of the His Dark Materials saga

Four young lives across Europe are forever changed in the dawn of World War II in this “stirring and unforgettable” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) novel from award-winning author Hilary McKay.

In England, Ruby has no friends because of the speckled blotches on her face that kids say look like dirt. And Kate is sickly all the time, her older siblings each taking turns looking after her. Ruby and Kate’s first meeting is nearly disastrous, but the two lonely girls soon strike up a friendship. Their connection becomes all the more important when England joins the war against Germany and the blitz begins overhead.

In Germany, Erik and Hans are best friends filled with plans for their future: Erik taking over their beloved local zoo, and Hans serving pastries right outside the gates. They never expected to be forced to join the national service, training as pilots and tasked with hurting people.

And in London a mistreated dog roams the streets looking for handouts, and for a friend.

All of these lives will cross in the most surprising ways in this heart-rending tale of war and compassion, and hope that can be found in even the most unexpected friendships, brought to life by award-winning author Hilary McKay.
“Hilary McKay is incomparable, a storytelling wizard at the height of her power – and this book is a time machine, transporting you back to 1940. I’m so convinced that McKay’s fledgling swallows are based on her own experience that I find it hard to believe she hasn’t also soared in combat or marched into battle herself.” — Elizabeth Wein, author of Code Name Verity

“A triumph.” ―
Philip Pullman, bestselling author of the His Dark Materials saga

** “Stirring and unforgettable.”  ―
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Profound and heartening.” ―
About the Author
Hilary McKay is the award-winning author of
The Time of Green Magic (which received five starred reviews),
The Skylarks’ War (which was a
Boston Globe Best Book, and received three starred reviews),
Binny Bewitched (which was a
Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year and received two starred reviews),
Binny in Secret (which received three starred reviews),
Binny for Short (which received four starred reviews), and six novels about the Casson family:
Saffy’s Angel,
Indigo’s Star,
Permanent Rose,
Caddy Ever After,
Forever Rose, and
Caddy’s World. She is also the author of
Wishing for Tomorrow, the sequel to Frances Hodgson Burnett’s
A Little Princess, and
The Swallows’ Flight. Hilary lives with her family in Derbyshire, England. Visit her at
Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
Chapter One: Erik and Hans

ONE Erik and Hans Berlin, 1931

One summer, when he swas ten years old, Erik became famous for buying dead flies.

“Really!” said Hans, who was in the same class at school and had just moved into the apartment below. “You’re always becoming famous for something embarrassing!”

“I know,” admitted Erik, because it did seem a bit that way. The falling off the bridge on the school expedition to the river; his hospital for dolls—he’d fixed one small girl’s doll and the news had got round, “Erik can mend dolls!” and suddenly he’d found himself with a bedroom full of prim china faces not necessarily attached to their bodies.

And now he was buying dead flies.

The reason Erik needed flies was a family of little birds. Their nest had fallen; the fragile shell of dry mud had crumbled and split from the wall and two fledglings had been lost, but three had survived. Erik’s
kleine Schwalben, his little swallows.

He’d tried finding enough flies for them alone, but without having wings himself, it seemed impossible. He’d taken a teaspoon to every rosebush within walking distance, scraping off greenfly. Both the baker and the butcher had asked him very forcefully to

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