The Road Trip Paperback – June 1, 2021 by Beth O’Leary

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PUB:June 01, 2021


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Author: O’Leary Beth

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Release Date: 01-06-2021

Details: Product Description Two exes reach a new level of awkward when forced to take a road trip together in this endearing and humorous novel by the author of the international bestseller The Flatshare.What if the end of the road is just the beginning?Four years ago, Dylan and Addie fell in love under the Provence sun. Wealthy Oxford student Dylan was staying at his friend Cherry’s enormous French villa; wild child Addie was spending her summer as the on-site caretaker. Two years ago, their relationship officially ended. They haven’t spoken since.Today, Dylan’s and Addie’s lives collide again. It’s the day before Cherry’s wedding, and Addie and Dylan crash cars at the start of the journey there. The car Dylan was driving is wrecked, and the wedding is in rural Scotland—he’ll never get there on time by public transport.So, along with Dylan’s best friend, Addie’s sister, and a random guy on Facebook who needed a ride, they squeeze into a space-challenged Mini and set off across Britain. Cramped into the same space, Dylan and Addie are forced to confront the choices they made that tore them apart—and ask themselves whether that final decision was the right one after all. Review “THIS BOOK IS PERFECT.”—Rosie Walsh, bestselling author of Ghosted“As with her surprise hit, The Flatshare, O’Leary expertly balances humor and heart while introducing a zany cast of 20-somethings… Readers won’t want this crazy road trip to end.”—Publishers Weekly”The Road Trip is a humorous yet deeply moving journey toward confronting the past, forgiveness, and reconciliation, with a poignant detour to a summer of young love in Provence. I loved the vivid cast and the depth and intimacy in O’Leary’s writing.”—Helen Hoang, USA Today bestselling author“Read this!  Absolutely loved it!”—Christina Lauren, New York Times bestselling author “O’Leary is a brilliant social observer and a fearless, diabolical plotter… It’s an intense romance with a wildly wicked sense of humor…”—BookPage About the Author Beth O’Leary is a Sunday Times bestselling author whose books have been translated into more than thirty languages. She wrote her debut novel, The Flatshare, on her train journey to and from her job at a children’s publisher. She now lives in the Hampshire countryside and writes full-time. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Dylan “The road of friendship never did run smooth, is what I’m saying,” Marcus tells me, fidgeting with his seat belt.” This is my first experience of a heartfelt apology from Marcus, and so far it has involved six clichŽs, two butchered literary references and no eye contact. The word sorry did feature, but it was preceded by I’m not very good at saying, which somewhat undermined its sincerity. I shift up a gear. “Isn’t it the course of true love that never runs smooth? A Midsummer Night’s Dream, I believe.” We’re by the twenty-four-hour Tesco. It’s half past four in the morning, the air thick with duvet-darkness, but the bland yellow light from the shop illuminates the three people in the car in front as if they’ve just moved into a spotlight. We’re close behind them, both following the slow, rattling path of a lorry ahead. For a flash of a second I see the driver’s face in the rearview mirror. She reminds me of Addie-if you think about someone enough, you start to see them everywhere. Marcus huffs. “I’m talking about my feelings, Dylan. This is agony. Please get your head out of your arse so that you can actually listen.” I smile at that. “All right. I’m listening.” I drive on, past the bakery. The eyes of the driver in front are lit again in the mirror, her eyebrows slightly raised behind squarish glasses. “I’m just saying, we hit some bumps, I get that, and I didn’t handle things well, and that’s-that’s really unfortunate that that happened.” Astonishing, really, the linguistic knots in which he will tie himself to avoid a simple I’m sorry. I stay silent. Marcus coughs and fidgets some

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