The Forgotten Food Forest Paperback – January 1, 2021 by Matt Powers

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PUB: January 01, 2021


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A Classic Tale of Two Brothers who get Saved by a Food Forest

Join us in the deserts of Morocco for an incredible tale based on a real food forest. Survival, sibling rivalry, mistakes, wild lions, and lessons learned – it’s all part of this wonderful children’s tale illustrated by the masterful Asayo Kubo who has worked with Disney, Warner Bros, and Netflix. Years in process, the artwork is stunningly detailed and true to the actual bioregion and real-life food forest. Highlighted in a popular Youtube video by Geoff Lawton and dubbed a 2,000 year old food forest, this book highlights the safety net that food forests have always provided for humans throughout time and throughout cultures, and it invites the readers to plant their own food forests.

This book is the perfect gift for any young reader, classroom, or family wanting to instill the values of caring for the earth, for each other, and for the future. This book is sure to inspire and set imaginations adrift in a world full of food forests and wild places.

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