The butterfly weebee Book 16 Paperback – January 4, 2021 by R M Price-Mohr

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PUB: January 04, 2021

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This is the eighth book in the second series of the weebee reading scheme for beginner readers (Books 9 – 16). These books have a majority of phonically decodable words, providing opportunities for practising targeted phonics, but most importantly the language is predictable and tells a story. As with Series One, each book introduces twenty new words, including words from the 100 ‘key words to literacy’ that comprise one half of all reading material for children. Each of these next eight books is a stand-alone story in which the weebees meet and help other creatures in their valley. These include both fictional and real wildlife creatures. The wise Grog always knows the answer and comes to the rescue in each story. The creatures in Series Two return in Series Three when they have a chance to show their gratitude to the weebees for the help received. The games and activities found in the Complete Resources Book for Series Two support the learning of the vocabulary for all the books. The majority of the games (Grog’s Journey, Pento, Spectro and Hex connex) are original and unique to this scheme as they were developed especially for the weebee Reading Scheme. As with Series One, there are full-page colour illustrations throughout.

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