That Sounds So Good: 100 Real-Life Recipes for Every Day of the Week: A Cookbook Hardcover – October 19, 2021 by Carla Lalli Music

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Recipes to match every mood, situation, and vibe from the James Beard Award–winning author of Where Cooking Begins

Great food is an achievable part of every day, no matter how busy you are; the key is to have go-to recipes for every situation and for whatever you have on hand. The recipes in
That Sounds So Good are split between weekday and weekend cooking. When time is short, turn to quick stovetop suppers, one-pot meals, and dinner salads. And for the weekend, lean into lazy lunches, simmered stews, and hands-off roasts.

Carla’s dishes are as inviting and get-your-attention-good as ever. All the recipes—such as Fat Noodles with Pan-Roasted Mushrooms and Crushed Herb Sauce or Chicken Legs with Warm Spices—come with multiple ingredient swaps and suggestions, so you can make each
one your own.
That Sounds So Good shows Carla at her effortless best, and shows how you can be, too.

About the Author

Carla Lalli Music is the author of the bestseller
Where Cooking Begins and the host of
Carla’s Cooking Show. Formerly the food director of
Bon Appétit, she lives in Brooklyn with her family.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Chapter 1ABC: Always Be Cooking

Here’s how to celebrate and embrace the act of cooking and eating in your everyday life, no matter what

Cook in this moment, whichever moment you’re in
This book is organized by situation and occasion, rather than by ingredient or recipe type. I’ve divided a typical week into two buckets: Monday through Thursday, and Friday and the Weekend. My life looks a lot different on a Tuesday evening—after finishing work and catching up with a family that’s been scattered all over the place—than it does on a Saturday afternoon, when I might have enough free time to let one of my cats take a nap on my chest. But no matter what day of the week it is, a girl’s gotta eat! Within the weekday and weekend sections of this book, the individual chapters are devoted to the sorts of everyday scenarios you and I might find ourselves in—an effort to capture the types of meals that will fit into your actual life.

In the weekday chapters, you’ll find stovetop suppers and dinner salads, and a chapter on the healthyish recipes that I crave after a weekend of eating and drinking and sleeping in. With many of us juggling work, school, housekeeping, caretaking, and commuting, these weekday dishes make the most of short active times. Half an hour of effort can add up to a complete meal if you know how to prioritize your prep and cook times.

By comparison, the weekend section is mostly devoted to recipes with longer cook times and some with larger serving sizes: soups, stews, braises, roasts, and things to grill. That said, even when you do have the downtime to afford to park something on the back of the stove or in a low oven for a couple-few hours, I don’t want you to spend more than about half an hour of active cooking time to get that meal going or finish it up. (Grilling is a bit of an exception, since it’s one of the few times that cooking overlaps with hanging out. But there are many grilling recipes here that can be made before your friends arrive, if that’s how you like to party.) I love having people over, but my overambitious-entertainer phase—when I could be found piping out gougères at 2 a.m. the night before a holiday party—is done. My kind of weekend food isn’t annoying, complicated, or technically challenging. I treasure my time off, and I don’t want to spend every minute of it standing in one spot, staring at a cutting board. There are also plenty of weekend recipes here for the kinds of weekends where you are really feeling lazy.

By all means, make whatever you want on any day you like! I don’t bake during the week, which is why the desserts chapter falls in the weekend section of the book, but if you want a cobbler on a Tuesday, I’m not going to stop you. Some of the big salads found in the weekday section make excellent, uncomplicated

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