Successful Writing Strategies for National Board Certification, 2nd Edition (What Works!) Paperback – October 13, 2021 by Bobbie Faulkner

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PUB: October 13, 2021

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Author: Faulkner Bobbie

Edition: 2nd

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Release Date: 13-10-2021

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Successful Writing Strategies for National Board Certification leads National Board candidates through various strategies to help them write in the “National Board Style”. How a candidate writes about their teaching practice greatly impacts the success of their efforts to become a Board-Certified Teacher. Components the candidates submit depend on writing that is clear, consistent, and convincing. All the Scoring Rubrics are built upon those elements. This book gives many writing strategies, tips, and examples to lead candidates toward the goal of submitting work that meets the National Board Standards for accomplishment. This revision brings it up-to-date with the current, Version 3.0 National Board requirements.


When I began my National Board journey, I was overwhelmed by all of the paperwork – from the standards to instructions for each component – I was ready to give up before I even started. I found Bobbie’s book and I’m forever grateful. WHAT WORKS! broke down each component into manageable pieces and gave me insights into what the assessors are looking for. I used Bobbie’s expertise to strengthen and refine my writing. Regardless of certificate area, every National Board candidate should have this book close by as they work through the certification process. — Anne Waddington, NBCT early childhood generalist

National Board writing is different from any other type of writing an educator will do in their careers. Bobbie’s previous books helped me focus on how to show my practice to the National Board assessors to achieve certification. With her new book, she refined the practice of National Board writing even more so that more educators can add those four letters to the end of their name: NBCT.
— Ben Sullens, NBCT Exceptional Needs Specialist

With her newest book, Writing for the National Board, Bobbie Faulkner has done it again! Just like in her previous books, she helps unravel the mystery of how to write for National Board certification. Her tips, tools, and techniques not only help those working on certification, they have proved invaluable to those of us who are already certified and are mentoring new candidates. The new Component 4 is vastly different than the component I completed many years ago, so as a Candidate Support Provider I have read and re-read Bobbie’s chapter on Component 4 chapter, many times to make sure I am providing my candidates with accurate feedback and support. This book will be invaluable to candidates and Candidate Support Providers alike.
— Tammy Andreas, NBCT, Candidate Support Provider

Bobbie’s book really helped me to get my head wrapped around the prompts the National Board was asking me to respond to while I was figuring out what to write. The overview of the three styles of writing (Chapter 5) gave me an idea of what type of writing I should write and the sentence starters were unbelievably helpful! Thank you Bobbie for helping me achieve!
— Abbey Bobbett, NBCT, EMC Literacy /Reading Language Arts

About the Author

Bobbie Faulkner is a National Board Certified Teacher, Renewed who has worked with National Board candidates since 2003. She is a Candidate Support Provider and author of the What Works! book series for National Board candidates.

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