Steadfast: Frances Perkins, Champion of Workers’ Rights Paperback – March 1, 2021 by Jennifer J Merz

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PUB: March 1, 2021

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Frances Perkins gasped in disbelief when she visited a factory and saw the horrific conditions that workers endured. Moved by the injustice, she felt compelled to help, setting her on a path of social work.

But, when Frances witnessed New York City’s terrifying Triangle Factory fire in 1911, her desire to assist the American worker transformed into a lifelong mission. Determined to fix the problems that led to the tragedy, Frances worked to change a catastrophically broken system at a time when women were discouraged from speaking up, let alone having careers. She saw the potential for radical workplace reform, if she could persuade her male colleagues to listen to her. Rather than shrink from challenges, she followed her beloved grandmother’s advice to embrace life’s opportunities and walk through open doors. In truth, Frances kicked them open along the way.

With courage and integrity, she became the first woman ever to serve in a U.S. Presidential Cabinet, creating an enduring legacy. As Secretary of Labor, she was the force behind the New Deal and Social Security, vast programs that protect American workers to this day, including a minimum wage, a forty-hour workweek, and an end to child labor. This is the inspiring story of a heroic trailblazer. She’s the most important woman you likely haven’t heard of – yet.

Features fully annotated back matter, providing a perfect opportunity to learn more about this shining female role model and her steadfast fight for justice. Empowering, inspiring, and informative, this picture book biography should not be missed.

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