Peanut Butter and Dragon Wings Hardcover – July 6, 2021 by Shari Zook


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PUB: July 06, 2021


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Longing for permission to be real about your own needs and struggles? Permission granted.As good Christian moms, we’re not supposed to ask for much. Jesus meets all our needs and we’re the light of the world to everybody else, right? Wrong.Shari Zook appeared to be an overachieving supermom who deftly supported her pastor-husband and their congregation, homeschooled their children, and cared for foster children through the ups and downs of placements. But inside, her world was growing increasingly desperate as she struggled with the grief of miscarriage, parenting a difficult child, and spiraling depression.In her darkest hour, Zook let go of her need to appear super-human and reached out to receive God’s unfolding grace. With humor and artistry, Peanut Butter and Dragon Wings gives us permission to step out from behind the appearance of rose-filtered perfection and embrace the authenticity of honest need and human limitations. In the book’s twelve chapters you’ll find twelve practical ways to reach for a faith that includes doubt, and holiness that includes failure.

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