I am Rosa Parks (Ordinary People Change the World) Hardcover – Picture Book, June 17, 2014 by Brad Meltzer

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PUB :June 17, 2014

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Author: Meltzer Brad

Brand: Dial Books

Color: Multicolor

Edition: Illustrated


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Format: Picture Book

Package Dimensions: 9x199x249

Number Of Pages: 40

Release Date: 17-06-2014

Details: Product Description

Civil Rights leader Rosa Parks is the 3rd hero in in the New York Times bestselling picture book biography series for ages 5 to 8. Rosa Parks dared to stand up for herself and other African Americans by staying seated and organizing the Montgomery Bus Boycott. As a result, she helped end public bus segregation and launch the country’s Civil Rights Movement.   This friendly, fun biography series inspired the PBS Kids TV show Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum. One great role model at a time, these books encourage kids to dream big. Included in each book are:    • A timeline of key events in the hero’s history    • Photos that bring the story more fully to life    • Comic-book-style illustrations that are irresistibly adorable    • Childhood moments that influenced the hero    • Facts that make great conversation-starters    • A character trait that made the person heroic and that readers can aspire to  You’ll want to collect each book in this dynamic, informative series!

From Booklist

Meltzer’s first-person narration and Eliopoulos’ comic-style illustrations bring an altogether different look and feel to the story of Rosa Parks. Beginning with childhood incidents that guided her later actions, this entry in the Ordinary People Change the World series proceeds with examples of Jim Crow laws and separate-but-equal disparities. These set the scene for Parks’ involvement in civil rights, her now-celebrated refusal to give up her seat on a bus, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott she inspired. While some might question this book’s biographic credentials because of its undocumented speech-bubble quotes, others will note how the visual format makes Parks and her time period accessible to young readers. An emphasis on Parks as an ordinary person who stood up for what’s right also lends itself well to character education studies. Concluding archival photos show the real Rosa Parks. Informative and appealing. Grades K-2. –Angela Leeper

About the Author

Brad Meltzer is the
New York Times bestselling author of
Heroes for My Son, Heroes for My Daughter, The Lincoln Conspiracy, and a number of suspense novels like
The Lightning Rod. He also helped find the missing 9/11 flag with his History Channel television show
Brad Meltzer’s Lost History. He lives in Florida with his wife and their three children. (And did you know that a picture of Brad is hidden in every book in this series?)

Christopher Eliopoulos began his illustration career at Marvel Comics, and has worked on thousands of comics, including his own
Cow Boy and
Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius. He is the author and illustrator of the picture books
The Yawns Are Coming! and
The Giggles Are Coming! and the graphic novels
Cosmic Commandos and
Monster Mayhem. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and their college-graduate twin sons (who also make an appearance in each Ordinary People Change the World book).

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