How I Overcame Social Anxiety: An Introvert’s Guide to Recovering From Social Anxiety, Self-Doubt and Low Self-Esteem Paperback – April 18, 2016 by Tobias J. Atkins

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Author: Atkins Tobias J.

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Are you tired of worrying what others are thinking of you all the time?
Do you feel uncomfortable in public and can’t ever seem to relax around people?
Are you tired of that critical voice inside your head that’s always putting you down?
Have you tried to overcome your social anxiety & shyness before and nothing worked?
Do you believe you’re ‘beyond help’ or ‘born this way’ and things will never change?
I suffered from professionally diagnosed social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder for over a decade. The majority of my 20’s I was on strong antidepressant medication. Instead of being the best, those were the most unhappy years of my life.
In public I felt nervous and awkward ALL THE TIME. I couldn’t go to shopping malls or social gatherings without feeling like I was naked and on display. I couldn’t even talk to old friends and my own family without getting nervous around them!
For years I didn’t tell anyone about this and suffered in silence. I felt lonely, depressed and ashamed about this ‘disorder’ that no matter how hard I tried, just wouldn’t seem to go away. I was confused and upset as to why this was happening to me.
I know how it feels to live with social anxiety 24/7, 365 days a year. The suffering, the shame, the lack of understanding from family and friends. The feeling that no-one really understands what you’re going through. I understand.
This is why I can help.
I truly believed I was ‘born shy’ and would have social anxiety for life. I am here to prove to you that social anxiety and shyness is not a life sentence and you can get over these conditions, no matter where you currently are. I am living proof of that.
This book documents my entire journey through social anxiety; the factors that caused it and the exact steps I took to find my healing and regain control of my life. In this book, you’ll learn:

The real causes behind your social anxiety & shyness (it’s not what you think)
My step-by-step guide for overcoming social anxiety & shyness (follow what I did)
How I learned to stop fearing the opinions and judgments of others
How to let go of perfectionism and always putting yourself down
What I learned from spending over $35,000 on alternative therapies
How to finally start liking and accepting yourself
How to lower anxiety and self-consciousness in minutes, not years
This book provides you with a proven roadmap to overcome social anxiety, explained by someone who has actually gone through the process and found a way out of it.
About the Author
My life has been full of ups and downs. I am a living proof that you can overcome your biggest fears and achieve anything you want in life as long as you just have the courage to take the first step and not give up. Like most people, I grew up believing the narrative we are sold by society. You were born confident or you weren’t. You were good with people or you weren’t. You either have it or you don’t, and I certainly didn’t, better luck next lifetime. I am here to shatter that myth for you. To show you that you can overcome social anxiety and be anyone you want to be. My self-improvement articles have been featured on blogs such as Lifehack and Pick The Brain. My passion in life helping others realize their own greatness and live a life of freedom and passion.

Jesse Krieger was born and raised in San Francisco but spends three to four months a year traveling the world. Whether it’s climbing volcanoes with friends in the Mediterranean or consulting with clients from Malaysia to Manhattan, Jesse views the world as both a playground and a potential addressable market. During his twenties Jesse started over five companies and sold the last two. He has lived in, worked in, and traveled to more than thirty countries and speaks German and Mandarin Chinese in addition to his native English. A graduate of UC Berkeley and formerly a touring rock guitarist

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