Hoodwink Hardcover – 2021 by Alan R Cable


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PUB:January 08, 2021

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Simon Davis, the PM for the Peoples Unite Party, was confident that the next election, on 7 May 2015, he would be staying in 10 Downing Street with the black door. But with the train crash in the Waterloo Station and the PM being stretchered off, it was not until he reached the hospital for treatment that his panic kicked in-he had left his parliamentary red case on the crashed train.
The PM was not aware that young Rob Hat had crawled into the first-class carriage to rescue this said case. Rob never knew at the time what was in this case and he would never ask, as it would make the PM lose confidence in him.
A little later in the same week, the notorious criminal, Baines, was being put to rest at Honour Oak Cemetery in South London. With his death, the millions he had made died with him.
It was not until Rob Hat was in the Kilimanjaro region, helping his uncle with his tourism business, that he discovered that Baines was out on a jolly, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Even with the disguise, Baines’s unique tattoo gave him away.
Another problem the PM had was that he knew Rob Hat and his capabilities for helping the less fortunate that the PM had once betrayed while hiding behind the mask of austerity measures.

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