GOD I’m gonna make you proud of me Paperback – February 28, 2021 by Jacqueline Thomas

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PUB: February 28, 2021

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“God I’m Gone Make You Proud of Me” is the title of this book because that’s what I used to pray at night before I got hit by a car and knocked forty feet down the street. I was in a coma for three weeks in I.C.U, breathing on a ventilator and I also had head trauma. When I came to I was badly bruised, the skin was off my face and I had to learn how to walk again. I came home I was in a wheelchair the doctors said my legs wasn>t going to bend again but they do and all of my memory came back too. I could remember everything before and after I got hit but I just can>t remember the accident. The poems “He Has Always Been There” and “Time Will Tell”, I wrote them in middle school, during that time I wanted to be a rapper because I knew God had blessed me with a gift.So when I feel some type of way I write. “Don’t Pity Me” and “Don’t Complain” I wrote some years later. I have written raps and other poems also but some of them wasn’t appropiate for this book of poetry. “God I’m Gonna Make You Proud of Me” tells how I feel and my opinions about certain situations in life that we all face. During this pandemic I got some of my poems I had written over the years, put them together to create this book. During this time is when I wrote Coronavirus. I do pray this book does> make God proud of me. Hello, my name is Jacqueline Denise Thomas. I have lived in Brighton and Bessemer, Alabama all of my life. I must say life hasn’t been easy. I have faced some ups and downs, changes and turnarounds. Sometimes I have felt like giving up. My relationship with God and my faith keeps me pushing on. I have always felt like God has always had something for me to do. Growing up I used to play around rapping, which is poetry. My book is to give God the glory by telling my life story. I sat down during the epidemic and hand wrote some poems I had written over the years. I pray something is said to uplift your spirit. encourage or help you through life’s journey. God is who He says He is. No burdens we have to bear.Take everything to Him in prayer and learn how to leave it there. Thanks for taking the timeout to look at my book. I wish everybody blessings, prosperity and good health. Receive it and believe it.

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