Every Fallen Leaf Paperback – June 27, 2021 by Corey McKenna

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Author: McKenna Corey

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Author: McKenna Corey

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Release Date: 27-06-2021

We are naturally afraid of any change that comes along in life. We are afraid to commit, afraid to take a leap of faith. Many of us tend to run in the other direction, trying to chase leaves falling from a tree. They go in every direction, any which way, wherever the wind takes them. But it is in that leap of faith where we find strength and courage to do what is necessary.

Jen McKenna had strength and courage to live a life with cystic fibrosis and not let it define who she was or what she did in life. From running half marathons to cycling, to kayaking, to shooting guns, and to using her bow and arrow, Jen took things head on. In February 2019, she, her husband and mother, relocated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to await a double lung transplant. On May 23, 2019, after living 41 years with cystic fibrosis-infected lungs, Jen received a new pair of healthy lungs. For the first time ever, she breathed a full breath of air. But then God had a different plan for her.

This book is her story, through the eyes of others who loved her, admired her wonderful attitude, and were impacted by her strength and courage.

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