Entering Our Highest Possibility Paperback – February 26, 2021 by D V Patrick

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PUB: February 26, 2021

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This book offers the 21st-century master skill to heal our restless, overloaded and confused minds. What is the power to become the change we seek? What is the capacity to respond creatively and successfully to the increasing challenges and changes of today and tomorrow’s world, while remaining rooted in a healthy, meaningful and empowered state?
Together with the greatest souls that ever walked upon this earth, we enter our mind its power that affects everything we do, feel, think and become; we enter the power that is the ground of our knowing, being and doing. This power is the precious source from which we operate, the ground of human growth, mental health and genuine well-being.
We learn to lead ourselves from living in a fraction to the fullness of what we are. We learn to experience our deepest humanness – the intimate, unbroken flow of life and awareness. Beyond all our self-imposed barriers and limitations lies the change we seek, the breath-taking beauty of our highest possibility – the wings we were born with.

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