DSO Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Dental Empire Hardcover – October 26, 2021 by Emmet Scott

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Author: Scott Emmet

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Author: Scott Emmet

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Release Date: 26-10-2021

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Dental practice owners and their teams often dream of growing a successful dental group or DSO. Then complexity sets in. Today, successful practitioners have to survive the world of business: Marketing, Messaging, HR, Finance, Compliance. It’s a lot for any team to manage.

But there are DSOs out there that have already overcome these challenges-DSOs that hold the SECRETS dental groups need.

DSO Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Dental Empire uncovers those secrets, walking you step by step through the process of creating the doctor, team, and patient experience you’ve always wanted. Whether your goal is to be a top clinician in a single practice or to build your own multi-practice portfolio, this book has the resources you’re looking for.

Written by
Emmet Scott, Co-Founder and CEO of Community Dental Partners, DSO Secrets shares the knowledge he used to build the brand into a $100 million DSO.

This book is brought to you by the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization, a community dedicated to helping Dentist Entrepreneurs grow their dental groups and fulfill their visions.

“Emmet has a unique view into how to successfully grow a DSO. I’ve been lucky to witness his strong leadership in multiple organizational structures. He’s helped me understand the challenges and opportunities particular to group dentistry. Emmet’s advice and expertise is much sought after by our members, the DSO Secrets podcast/Facebook community, as well as the group dentistry industry as a whole. ‘When Emmet talks, you listen.’ He’s made quite a positive impact in leading group dentistry forward, keeping quality care first. I am excited to have a book with his thoughts and strategies for reference!”

Jacob Puhl, CEO & Partner of Dentist Entrepreneur Organization

“DSOs have long been the fastest growing portion of a huge sector in our economy. A codification of the hard-won lessons and a look at how to prepare for the future are long overdue to help us all better meet the needs of providers and their patients. This book is one of the first resources that finally accomplishes that, and there is no better person to create it than Emmet.”

Steven C. Bilt, Co-Founder & CEO of Smile Brands

“As an entrepreneur, I’ve realized that the dental space is one of the most difficult spaces to figure out and do well. This book is, finally, the handbook to make it a little easier.”

Dr. AJ Acierno, DDS, Chief Operating Officer of Smile Brands Inc. and CEO of DecisionOne Dental

“Emmet does an amazing job spelling out how to build your dental company. This book will help you anticipate and be prepared for the challenges and hurdles that a dental entrepreneur will face. I’m very grateful and fortunate that Emmet is willing to share his knowledge and experience.”

Marc Farber, CEO & Founder of Edge Dental Management, DEO Member

“After many years of working in the DSO space, I have found Emmet to be one of the most dynamic thought leaders of the industry. He brings a genuine, honest, and relatable mindset to the challenges we all face every day.”

Ken Cooper, Co-Founder of North American Dental Group

“This book is certain to be life-changing. It will make you think out of the box. Emmet is a true force in our industry. I highly recommend you read this book ASAP and put the thought process into place. There are books, and then there are those that will speak to you. This will speak to you! DO NOT MISS IT!!”

Dee Fischer, Founder of Fischer’s Professional Group

“I’ve worked closely with Emmet and witnessed his thoughtful and unique approach to building a successful DSO, with a focus on the well-being and satisfaction of its patients, team members, and doctors. Through building relationships with other experts in the field, he has identified the most glaring needs in our industry today and built a roadmap for success that we can all follow.”

Dr. Nieku Manshadi, Pediatric Dentist & Co-Founde

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