Croaking Frogs Hardcover –2021 by Jim O’Brien


[316 pages]

PUB:January 08, 2021

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Two young detective brothers are assigned to investigate a murder committed in a small, upscale town. The evidence obtained uncomfortably leads them to assume that their father, a prominent local retailer, may be responsible for the crime. The detectives’ hunch is tossed into further turmoil when it is discovered that their father is being pursued by a different killer. The second would-be killer is equally deadly but far more sinister and even more terrifyingly cruel than the one who committed the murder. Is it possible that the murderer whom the brothers are seeking to bring to justice can be capable of committing such horrible, seemingly tortuous crimes while attempting to avoid the grip of his own relentless attacker? Is it possible that the killer is their own father? The author weaves the tale of Croaking Frogs in and out of mystery, drama, and intrigue. The reader is left to decide for themselves who the croaking frogs are and who or what is responsible for croaking the frogs. Be prepared for an entertaining, emotional roller coaster journey as the story leads the reader on a wild search for a killer and an equally intense search for a cure.

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