Bake Away: Twenty Recipes Capturing the Spirit of Creativity, Experience, and Expression Hardcover – October 26, 2021 by Sahana Vij

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PUB: October 26, 2021

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Author: Sahana Vij

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Release Date: 26-10-2021

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Bake Away is a celebration of baking’s impact on our creativity, self-expression, and personal experiences. It’s a reflection of what’s important in our lives.

From the delicate Portland Berry Cream Pie to the towering Atlanta Crêpe Cake, Sahana Vij brings you on her journey of inspiration, sharing the simple steps to create an array of delightful desserts, each crafted from personal connections and beautiful memories. Each recipe is accompanied by exquisite food photography and portraits of stunning locations.
Explore an elegant fruit garden in Temescal Valley as you make a luscious Citrus Poppy Seed Bread. Learn a little about Maui as you prepare a decadent Coconut and Chocolate Tart. Share a subtly spiced Chai-Infused Cake, inspired by visits to a prominent tearoom in Seattle, with those you love. Bake Away is more than a cookbook: it is a beautifully written book grounded in family, relationships, and giving.
100% of author royalties from this book will be donated to NO KID HUNGRY.


Sahana Vij believes that food can foster bonds among people, that baking is a path to understanding the lives of others, and that through cooking she can improve the world she lives in. She backs up her beliefs with action, donating her proceeds from Bake Away to No Kid Hungry. This young baker gives me hope for the future.

—Thomas Keller, Chef & Proprietor, The French Laundry

Sahana brings her own blend of innovation and artistry to each recipe in Bake Away. She takes us on a journey, demonstrating on each page and with every experience that baking fosters community. Through charitable donations Sahana shows her love to give, reinforcing our faith that food has the power to help others.

—Hunter Lewis, Editor-in-Chief, Food & Wine Magazine

What a treat to hear Sahana’s stories through her words and experiences. If there was a space in the sibling baking club, I would most certainly have jumped in line. From Atlanta to Temescal Valley, molten lava cake to cinnamon bagels, you won’t be able to choose where to start your journey in Bake Away. My suggestion is to start at page one and live the book, page by page, until you reach Sahana enlightenment!

—Tom Douglas, Chef & Owner, Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen

I am so impressed with Sahana’s thoughtful approach to developing recipes and the sense of place she imbues in her creations. The road trip she’s created through her fun dishes is inspiring and creative.

—Sonia Chopra, Executive Editor, Bon Appétit

It is so encouraging to see a young person like Sahana following her dreams by writing this inspired cookbook and committing to her convictions by donating her royalties to No Kid Hungry. Her recipes are diverse, playful, and absolutely delicious. Sahana has taken this opportunity to remind us of the deeper reason cooking is a central part of our lives: creating connections and making memories with the people we love.

—Ludo Lefebvre, Chef & Owner, Petit Trois

Reading each recipe took me on a culinary journey with Sahana, and I will be using this amazing cookbook in my kitchen for years to come! I feel a bond with Sahana through a shared influence of travel that inspires our baking, and her dedication to making the world a better place makes her a hero among us!

—Brian Hart Hoffman, Editor-in-Chief, Bake from Scratch

Food has always been a language of love, and the act of breaking bread together creates more than just memories, but also communities. Bake Away shares this vision of using food as a bridge and a literal lifeline to help those in need. Sahana’s culinary journey is vibrant, dynamic, diverse, and delicious! Her passion and philanthropic spirit shines through her desserts. You’ll enjoy cooking through this book, one sweet bite at a time!

—Judy Joo, Restaurateur & TV Chef on Food Network and The Cooking Channel

Taking inspiration from childhood memories, family travels, and beloved recipes, Sahana has put together an inspired cookbook that lea

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