Ada Lace, on the Case (1) (An Ada Lace Adventure) Paperback – Illustrated, August 29, 2017 by Emily Calandrelli


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Author: Calandrelli Emily

Brand: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Edition: Illustrated

Format: Illustrated

Package Dimensions: 12x191x91

Number Of Pages: 128

Release Date: 29-08-2017

Details: Product Description
From Emily Calandrelli—host of Xploration Outer Space, correspondent on Bill Nye Saves the World, and graduate of MIT—comes the first novel in a brand-new chapter book series about an eight-year-old girl with a knack for science, math, and solving mysteries with technology.

Ada Lace—third-grade scientist and inventor extraordinaire—has discovered something awful: her neighbor’s beloved Yorkie has been dognapped!

With the assistance of a quirky neighbor named Nina (who is convinced an alien took the doggie) and her ever-growing collection of gadgets, Ada sets out to find the wrongdoer. As their investigation becomes more and more mysterious, Ada and Nina grow closer, proving that opposites do, in fact, attract.
“Ada will be a welcome addition to the small circle of science-loving girls in the chapter-book world.” ―
Kirkus Reviews

“Calandrelli smoothly incorporates numerous references to scientific principles (such as Occam’s Razor) into the story, and the banter between Ada and Nina keeps things moving briskly.” ―
Publishers Weekly
About the Author
Emily Calandrelli is an executive producer and the host of
Xploration Outer Space, where she shows viewers the most exciting projects in the space industry today and a correspondent on the new series,
Bill Nye Saves the World. Emily has a technical background with mechanical and aerospace engineering degrees from West Virginia University and Master’s degrees in aeronautics and astronautics as well as technology and policy from MIT. Emily is a professional speaker and writer and is passionate about exciting students and their families about science and space exploration. Emily is also deeply passionate about getting more girls interested in STEM and STEM careers. She lives in San Francisco. Learn more at

Tamson Weston is the author of
Hey, Pancakes!, illustrated by Stephen Gammell, and has over fifteen years experience in children’s book publishing. She works as a freelance editor and has edited books by acclaimed authors such as Adam Rex, Mac Barnett, and Dan Santat, among others. She has an MFA in writing and literature and enjoys running, biking, swimming, and lifting heavy things. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. Visit her at

Renée Kurilla is an illustrator of many books for kids, including
Orangutanka: A Story in Poems by Margarita Engle,
The Owls of Blossom Wood by Catherine Coe, and the Ada Lace Adventure series by Emily Calandrelli. She lives just south of Boston with her husband, their fluffy orange cat, Timmy, and their spiky hedgehog, Lemon. Visit her at
Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
Ada Lace, on the Case

Chapter One

Ada was sick of sitting. She was sick of the cast on her leg. She was sick of watching the world go by without her. She should be outside, exploring the neighborhood and researching the local wildlife, but she was stuck inside. And it was her own fault.

Their first week in San Francisco, Ada had attempted a bungee jump from a eucalyptus tree in the park. It was a jump she could have made with no bungee. The bungee was capable of stretching 50 percent of its length with her attached to it, but the branch was barely high enough to make the line taut. It was a careless mistake.

While Ada was brooding, her mom came in.

“Do you think you might come have breakfast with me before I go?” her mother asked.

“I guess so. I was hoping we could skip the good-bye part,” said Ada.

“I’ll only be gone for a few days,” said Ada’s mom. “These artists need a little bit of handholding. They aren’t as tough as you are. I’ll be back in time for your first day at school.”

Ada attempted a smile and, on her crutches, followed her mom down the stairs only to be nearly flattened by her brother, Elliott, outside the kitchen. He was wearing an eyepatch and a vest. A stuffed parrot hung lam

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