Foundations of Woodworking: Essential joinery techniques and building strategies Hardcover – October 26, 2021 by Michael Pekovich

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Author: Pekovich Michael

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Foundations of Woodworking gets to the very core of the craft of woodworking: laying out, cutting, and assembling joinery for furniture and other treasured wood objects. After an introductory chapter on the basic woodworking strategies that apply to anything you might build, Pekovich dives into a step-by-step, project-by-project description of the essential wood joints, from rabbets and dadoes through mortise and tenons to dovetails and miters. Master these joints–with a combination of hand tools and power tools–and the door is open to create just about any design you can think of.
The book concludes with a selection of inspiring projects, including a wall cabinet, a chimney cupboard, an arched entry table, a desk divider, a dining chair, and many more.
Michael Pekovich’s first book, The Why and How of Woodworking, was the woodworking event of the year when it was published in 2018. Foundations of Woodworking is sure to pick up where Why & How left off, inspring and instructing thousands of Woodworkers worldwide.


I’ve dedicated my entire adult life to the craft of working with wood and have concluded that woodworking is a skill and not a talent―anyone can do it.  But what separates the quality of work from one skillful person to another is understanding. Understanding the entire journey. From learning how to see wood differently by understanding the grain, color and texture.  Understanding the process of rough to square then creating a building strategy of how parts will be joined before picking up a tool.  Understand tool choices and how hand tools can work in harmony with power tools.   Understanding that often exact measurements can get in the way of precision work.  And most importantly, understanding that woodworking is not a straight line to the finish, rather there are many ways to accomplish the same task.  Michael takes all these concepts, along with beautiful photos, careful illustrations and incredible wisdom, then folds them into one indispensable resource.  Foundations of Woodworking is a comprehensive guide that EVERY woodworker, regardless of skill, will refer to again and again. Woodworking can be both rewarding and challenging, but with guidance and understanding―anyone can do it.    ―
Marc Adams, founder Marc Adams School of Woodworking

In Foundations of Woodworking, Mike builds upon the abundance of knowledge he gave us in The Why and How of Woodworking. In this second work, he presents and explains his strategies and techniques in a clear, pragmatic manner that will take all practitioners of the craft, myself included,  further down the road.  His passion for the work is obvious but not loud, and shared in a most satisfying way.  Reminiscent of both Tage Frid and James Krenov, I pray a third book will follow. ―
Steve Latta, professional furniture and cabinetmaker

“….a book that will continue to shape and better our craft”
“….the best woodworking book, on processes, that I have ever read–and I have read them all.” ―
Marc Adams, founder Marc Adams School of Woodworking


With his typical combination of extraordinary talent, humility, wisdom, and efficiency Michael Pekovich has delivered another achingly gorgeous book on how to work with wood. Pekovich’s timeless designs and common-sense approach convey not only a love of the craft but a rare sensibility in the writing and photography. Pekovich generously shares his decades of knowledge to join the ranks of teachers, builders and writers like Tage Frid and James Krenov to inspire creativity and problem solving in the ancient craft of woodworking. ―
Anissa Kapsales, senior editor Fine Woodworking

About the Author

Michael Pekovich’s approach to designing and building furniture, as well as life in general, is that simple is usually better. A furniture maker, photographer, writer, teacher, and graphic designer, he puts his talents to use as the creative director at Fine Woodworking. Mike shares a small hom

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